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Mental Health Funding Circle first grant round (Fall/Winter 2022)

Mental Health Funding Circle held their first grant round in the Fall/Winter of 2022. To those of you who applied for this round, we appreciate your patience. As this was our first round of funding, everything took longer than expected. We will iterate on the structure of the funding circle over time, and intend to develop a process that adds value for members and grantees alike.

A total of $254,000 was distributed to the following three organizations:

  • A matching grant of $44,000 to Vida Plena for their work on cost-effective community mental health in Ecuador.

  • Two grants totaling $100,000 to Happier Lives Institute for their continued work on subjective wellbeing and cause prioritization research.

  • Two grants totaling $110,000 to Rethink Wellbeing to support mental health initiatives for the EA community.

Next round of funding is now open, with initial 1-pagers due April 1st. After applications have been reviewed, we will contact promising grantees and make final funding decisions by June 1st. Applications can be found on our website. For more information on the MHFC, see this forum post. Unfortunately, we lack the ability to respond to every application.

We are excited to find and support impactful organizations working on cost-effective and catalytic mental health interventions. We encourage you to apply, even if you think your project might be outside of our scope!


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